If you like a big ship experience and lots of folks to meet in a clothing-optional environment, these cruises are for you.

Resort Overview
  About once a year, a large conventional cruise ship is chartered for a nude cruise for a week or more. Ships sail from Florida to the Caribbean with ports of call that may include Cancun/Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, St. Martin, Aruba and other islands close by.

Passengers total between 1,000 to 2,000, depending upon the ship size, which provide an endless opportunity to meet people who enjoy clothing-optional cruising. All the activities you would enjoy on a conventional cruise are included in such a voyage except you enjoy it without clothes. This includes dancing, dining, attending floor shows, theme nights, gambling, sunning and making new friends.

Such cruises are for singles and couples. As a single, you may also have the chance to pair up with another cabin mate of the same gender. On certain ships, you may also be able to accommodate three or four people in a cabin.

For this report, "clothing-optional" and "nude" terms are used interchangeably. Specifically, the cruises permit you to enjoy a sailing experience without clothes for all ship occasions except for sit down meals and when in port. You may choose to be nude, partially nude or clothed while on the cruises. The choice is yours.

Getting There
  Caribbean nude cruises depart from Florida, usually from Ft. Lauderdale or Tampa. Ports of call include Caribbean islands and the cruises are usually a week in length.

Most nude cruises on conventional ships depart from Florida locations. Ports are near major airports and can be reached easily by taxi, shuttles or private car within a half hour or so.

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  Nude cruises include choice of cabin accommodations, all meals, snacks, meal beverages, entertainment, taxes, port charges and tips prepaid and due several months prior to sailing. Bar drinks are usually extra as is transportation to the port and ship. Cabin choices include inside cabins (no window), ocean view and larger suites.

Most large cruise ships include large theatres for shows, gambling, several restaurants, swimming pools and hot tubs, work out areas, running tracks, massages, health spas, sun decks, video games, boutiques, beauty shops, discos and lounges.

Some of the most fun experiences will be meeting new people, taking part in talent shows, adult games and finding new places to get sun. Arguably the most laughs will come at meal time. You will find all types of costumes and items of dress or undress adorning the cruisers from gags to clown dress....anything to have fun is the goal. There are also theme dances and contests to participate in. So, don't be shy when you sail...go to have fun.

  Typical cruise package prices include three full meals daily, snacks pool side, midnight snacks and more. Pool side and patio dining are also available for informal breakfast and lunches, sans clothes. Midnight snacks and theme evenings highlight the offerings. Outside dining alfresco in the nude is usually OK, too.

You can eat just about all the time on the larger ships, with room service meals also included in the price. Teatime is a favorite for fun and happenings that isn't just tea--you can get burgers and fries to ice cream, too.

For hygiene and accident (spills). expect to be clothed for dinner, so dress casually, if necessary. Continental cuisine, American, International and Italian dishes prevail, with standard fare available nightly like steaks, seafood, chicken and salads, in addition to the specials featured nightly. Remember, you can ask for second helpings, just like at home, including dessert.

Geez, where's that running track to work off those calories!

  Cruises are priced from about $1,200-$2,000+/person/cabin and more for a typical week's cruise. Cost varies depending upon cabin size and location. Cabins feature a private bath with two twin beds that can be made into a queen sized bed. Inside cabins have no window while ocean view cabins and suites feature large picture windows for great views of the sea. Suites with balconies areour favorites and always sell out first. Having coffee in the morning or a cocktail in the evening outside on your balcony is a great way to start or end the day. Some cabins can hold up to 4 people, so each of you can save money with close friends. Third and fourth passengers use fold out beds for sleeping. Rates subject to change without notice.

Cabin costs, deposits and final payment terms vary but usually included accommodations, prepaid taxes/tips and port charges (Subject to change). Deposit schedules vary with progress payments being the norm for most big ship charters. Since these are specialty nude charters, cancellation penalties apply, so optional cancellation insurance is available AND advisable.

Nude Cruise Group Trips
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Age Ranges
  Adult only from early 20's to 70's, with most in the middle. With over 1,00-2,000 passengers, you'll find somebody compatible with both singles and

  You'll laugh until you sides hurt. With a regular cruise experience you would normally expect to have fun anyway, but the characters you meet on a nude cruise are mostly extroverts so you'll make lots of friends and have lots of fun.

Some entertainment nights include themes, such as Mardi Gras night and there's even amateur night, featuring some of the best acts you've seen. Nudists are talented, too! Take all kinds of crazy costumes to wear or not wear---anything goes with clothing and costumes including wild, full torso body painting.

Of course, there are floor shows, big band dances, disco until late (or early), all kinds of games around the pool and yes, gambling!


Get up on deck early if you want a chair or chaise lounge for sun bathing. With most everyone trying to get a tan, you'll find deck space and lounges at a premium if you delay getting up on deck. Take a towel with you everywhere to sit on.

Take small bills in your currency to shop with the locals at ports of call.

Make sure you take plenty of sun screen since you will get sun directly as well as indirectly from reflections off the sea, too.

Take medication or patches with you if you are subject to motion sickness. Most cruises experience mild seas but it's wise to be prepared.

  You will have several destinations to choose from for optional island sightseeing. The cruise director and the ships daily newsletter will offer lots of optional shore tours, diving, snorkeling plus some specialty stops may be available for nude beaches, where available. Of course, you wear your clothes while on shore or within sight of land. Some land excursions feature private trips to nude beaches. forewarned: For example, one ship-sponsored shore excursion included a trip to Orient Beach in St. Martin. The "excursion" was just a crowded, round trip bus ridiculous prices. Check out the shore trips first and, if you like, make your own deal with a local taxi driver and save lots of money that way.

A fun diversion to enjoy while on some island stops is to swim with the dolphins. Plan ahead and make sure you ask the cruise excursion desk if any stops will include the opportunity.

The crew wears their clothes all the time, just like a standard cruise ship and crew members are not to fraternize with the guests.

You'll have more fun than you thought possible with your clothes off.
Some dining locations may require you to be dressed for dinner, usually the main dining room only. This can be a requirement that varies from cruise to cruise. Part of the logic is that while being served by a waiter or waitress, the cruise line may want to minimize guests having hot coffee spilled on them by accident.
Be prepared for the rules about dress/nudity at meals to change without notice before or during the cruise. We have experienced this ourselves and have found it can be confusing. Just get over it and have a great time. There is often no reason for's just like the Army, just follow orders and have fun.
Most breakfast and lunch meals are open seating, so you get a chance to move around and meet new people all the time. You're not stuck at one table for the whole voyage. Evening meals are usually based on early or late seatings (6 PM or 8 PM) with assigned tables. Breakfast and lunch can be taken on deck, too, so it's a nice way to enjoy dining nude without having to worry about a dress code.
Some cruises include a ban on body jewelry or adornments....go figure.....hey, we don't make the rules. A pretty stupid rule, but we need to warn you. What a paradox....body painting is OK but body jewelry isn't? Explain that one! Some of the rules are ultra prudish, but go and have a good time in spite of the guidelines.
  Never seems to be enough deck chairs or towels for all who wish to sunbathe. Make sure you grab the towels they provide early in the day before they recycle them for the laundry. Better yet, always take along an extra beach towel from home.

Best Time to Go
  Anytime the charter is scheduled! Nude cruise tour operators know you want to be nude, and to do that you need to be warm. For that reason most cruises are to tropical or at least very warm destinations.

Wish List
  Have more deck chairs for sunbathing.

Allow nudity at all times in all ship locations. Of course, you must be clothed for port calls and when immigration officials board the ship.

Eliminate the ban on body jewelry and adornments.

Relax the rules a bit and allow dining room meals to be enjoyed in a clothing-optional environment.

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