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  Travel Alert from U.S. State Department about Mexico The alerts concern primarily the border areas between the U.S. and Mexico. Alerts do not include Cancun, Cozumul, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo or similar tourism centers. The primary concerns are on the border of Mexico along the state lines of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and southern California. See more from the U.S. State Department concerning Mexico.

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Club Cabo, with a 7 ft. high privacy wall surrounding the property, is a small, clean resort on one acre of palm shaded land, right on the edge of a migratory bird forest… just minutes from downtown Cabo San Lucas and the beach. Club Cabo is owned by Martin & Irene originally from southern California. The resort is "nude friendly" but always confirm ahead of time. With a minimum of one couple, you can have the property nude to yourselves and or bring an extra couple No single men unless you reserve all the rooms. This 10-room resort is simple and spotless with American beds for better comfort and rooms are fully air-conditioned. Martin and Irene have lived there for several years and know all the right day spots and night stops to maximize your fun. It's great to have an "insiders" peek at what to do and where to go. Couples only unless otherwise arranged are welcome.

The property is on the east side of town of Cabo San Lucas. Club Cabo welcomes nude couples at certain times of the year, summer mostly, since the resort also caters to textile travelers as well during winter months and depending on clothing optional reservations. Your best bet: Plan to visit with a group of friends to take over the property. A nice gym is on site and can be used daily. For entertainment Karaoke studio is on hand also. Sing or not... If you choose not to, Martin can entertain with a short set or two.

Several public beaches are within walking distance. Martin says there are a few deserted beaches nearby for nude sun tanning at the water's edge. Ask Martin for his best beach recommendation.

This resort is probably best suited for a nude group or 2 couples looking for a fun filled spot for a week or long weekend during which to chill out and avoid tan lines. There are numerous places in Cabo for nightlife plus restaurants, bars and bistros are scattered throughout the harbor area... groceries are just across the street. There is a nude sun bathing area and swimming pool with a 8 person Jacuzzi on premises, a wet sauna/shower house is conveniently located next to the pool, all other great activities are off site like a day trip to Todos Santos and Cerritos beach or a snorkel trip to a secluded cove and much much more. The pool is open 24/7.

A nice touch: Wireless WiFi service is available at no charge for registered guests so bring your lap top.

If you want great personal touch with personal attention, plan to visit there. If you're expecting the Ritz, don't go... but the facility is AAA rated and approved and neat as a pin. Martin & Irene are wonderful hosts who know their way around Cabo.

  U.S. Citizens: Passports are required for international air travel to all destinations outside the USA.

Cabo San Lucas (Cabo) is in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, at the southern tip of the Baja peninsula on the Pacific side of Mexico, about 1,000 miles south of the U.S. border.
The property, Club Cabo, is a few minutes east of Cabo's downtown, about a mile from the main highway, Mexico # 1, leading into the city from the airport to the east. Club Cabo is at the end of a small dirt road with a large 7 foot high cement block wall that completely surrounds property, great for security and privacy.

The closest airport is about 45 minutes away, north of San Jose del Cabo, the other town in the general area called "Los Cabos" as the region is called. The area between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo is called the "corridor." Further beyond San Jose del Cabo is the area know as the "east cape," with some great beaches, fishing and a few small villages to break up the trip.


By air: Several airlines from Mexico and the USA service the region called Los Cabos (SJD). Air carriers include: American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Aero Mexico, U.S. Air, Mexicana, Alaska Air and several small, regional airlines. The plane ride from Phoenix, Los Angeles or Houston is about 2 hours. A ride from the airport by car to Cabo San Lucas takes about 45 minutes. From San Jose del Cabo, the airport is only about 10-15 minutes away.

Airport Transfers You can reach Cabo via taxi, rental car or bus. There is shuttle service between the airport and both towns that range in cost from $15-$40/ride, one way. From the center of downtown Cabo, a taxi costs about $5 to the resort. All rates are subject to change without notice and above costs may vary. Always cut your deal with the taxi driver first before departing.

By car: Cabo is about 1,000 miles south of the U.S. border in California or Arizona so be prepared for a long, hot journey if you plan to drive down Mexico # 1.

To town: From the resort to Cabo town, a bus ride is less than a $1 and taxi is about US $5 and takes about 5 minutes.
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  Each room includes bedding, a private bath, air conditioning and television. Some rooms sleep four (4) adults. There is a pay phone for long distance service on site and WiFi is free and useful if you have a Skype or Vonage international phone service. Laundry facilities, BBQ area, hammocks, ping pong and patio areas for dining outside are scattered throughout the property. Water is purified and safe to drink.

Ten(10) guest rooms/suites/cabanas are located in four separate buildings. Each is constructed in the practical building style of cement blocks and all rooms are modestly but brightly decorated. A few of the guest rooms can accommodate up to 4 people, but most are suited for 2 adults, max.

The resort, the rooms and grounds are neat as a pin and are well maintained. You can tell Martin and Irene take pride in their B&B.

Languages spoken are: English, Spanish and Dutch.

Another nice touch: There is a larger than expected swimming pool with hot tub out back and a large awning provides shade where you need it.

Here's the bullet list of features...
  • Air Conditioned Hotel Suites
  • Daily room service
  • Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi
  • BBQ & Common Patio Area
  • Secure close-in parking to your room
  • Inexpensive car rental rates
  • Transportation available
  • Outdoor exercise area with weight machines and inversion table
  • Pet Friendly
  • Birdwatching
  • Snorkeling & Diving
  • Beach access out our front door - pet friendly jungle walk!
  • Surfing & Fishing
  • Wet sauna room with cold shower
  • Weekly Talent Show - Bring Your Own Karaoke Music!
  • Day trips to area sights and attractions
  Better bargains and fast food in town include Dominos, La Palapa (seafood), Mariscos Matzalan (seafood), the Sleeping Lobster, the Corner Cafe & Cantina (humongous margaritas & internet service), Johnny Rockets, Latitude 22, Stop Light (cheap breakfast), Pazzo's Pizza and other little spots on the back streets behind all the glitz. The Corner Cafe makes its own tequila so stop in and have a sample of the firewater....made, blended and imported from the Tonala region in the tequila state of Jalisco. The largest margarita glass we've ever seen is in the Corner least stop and take a picture of it. You can't miss it, just look for the birdbath

There are numerous restaurants and grocery stores in town, right in front of the Marina, some as close as a 10-15 minute walk from Club Cabo if you're so inclined. A short taxi ride will take you to the heart of town in about 5-10 minutes for about $5, one way with a bus ride about 50 cents. Martin and Irene can tell you which places offer the best bargains.

Tourism arrived years ago in Cabo after the numerous fishermen so you'll have lots of "must see hot spots" to try located around the harbor area and downtown including: Houlihan's, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Carlos & Charlies, Nowhere Bar, Squid Roe, CaboWabo, the Giggling Marlin, Pepe's, Puerto Viejo, Pancho's, the Jungle, the Shrimp Factory, the Office, El Galleon, Enrique's on the highway, Solomon's Landing at the marina plus numerous other over priced tourist traps where you can leave your money.

Better bargains and fast food in town include KFC, Dominos, La Palapa (seafood), Mariscos Matzalan (seafood), the Sleeping Lobster, the Corner Cafe & Cantina (humongous margaritas & internet service), Johnny Rockets, Latitude 22, Stop Light (cheap breakfast), Pazzo's Pizza and other little spots on the back streets behind all the glitz. The Corner Cafe makes its own tequila so stop in and have a sample of the firewater....made, blended and imported from the Tonala region in the tequila state of Jalisco. The largest margarita glass we've ever seen is in the Corner least stop and take a picture of it. You can't miss it, just look for the birdbath.

Several markets are right downtown, one of which has a pharmacy and grocery combo, right across the street from the crafts center, behind the info. center.

The little restaurants and shops off the main drag are the best bargains...the further away from the harbor, the cheaper the prices.

You will find the most expensive places in Cabo San Lucas, cheaper prices on the corridor and best bargains in San Jose del Cabo town, about 30 minutes from Cabo. San Jose del Cabo is more of a classic Mexican town, built in the traditional colonial style, complete with town square and shops surrounding the area.

  Rates are $ 200/couple for nude use excluding meals and alcohol. Prices may vary seasonally and may be higher from mid December to mid April. Holiday rates may be higher. Tax is extra. Prices subject to change without notice.

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  Mostly adults stay at the B&B with few families visiting. Age ranges of adults can vary from young adults to retired citizens. The town of Cabo San Lucas attracts mostly adult visitors since few of the resorts in the area are set up for children.
  The little resort is basically a small compound with 10 guest rooms, main residence, spa and pool. The best treat is the swimming pool and Jacuzzi located behind the main guest building. Privacy is assured since there is a 7 foot high cement brick wall that surrounds the complete property.

Night time in Cabo can be beautiful with temperatures in the 60s while daytime can reach the 90s and even warmer. Summer can be plenty hot during the day and winter can be downright cold at night. Daytime temps year round are usually mild to hot. Bring along a jacket or wrap for travel during the winter nights.

Forget your raincoat as annual rainfall is only about 17 inches. If you are there the day they have rain, just stay inside 'cause it can be a real downpour. There are infrequent storms during the winter that blow in straight from the Pacific, but the other 360 days are usually just about perfect.

The resort provides a great little simple place to drop out without your clothes while enjoying the local area and night life.

The area surrounding Cabo is similar to the Arizona desert complete with mountain ranges, cactus and sagebrush, so don't go expecting the tro

Plan on making a trip into town for groceries, drinks and supplies since your room rate does not provide for any extras.

Martin and Irene are fun owners who have lived in Cabo long enough to steer you in the right direction for site seeing, night life, groceries and fun.

Take lots of cash as charge cards are accepted at only a few restaurants and bars. Most of the big tourist stores and hotels plus large, chain restaurants will accept Visa and Master Card, with AmEx and Discover accepted at even fewer places.

Don't expect any real bargains in Cabo town as most store owners, shop and restaurant prices seem well adjusted to the pursuit of the almighty tourist dollar! Better prices are in San Jose del Cabo, but that's 30 minutes away by car.

Take a look at the Gringo Gazette, a free little newspaper in English distributed in town for free for the latest in "what's happening" in the area.

  Whale watching in season is usually one of the most popular sports diversions in Cabo. Typically, winter months are the most popular for whale watching.

Other pursuits include just about everything you can imagine on or under the water including diving, deep sea fishing, bill fishing, snorkeling, surfing, sailing and windsurfing. Featured performers for fishing include marlin, dorado/mahi mahi, red snapper and yellowfin tuna. Cabo is know as the Marlin capital of the world for record catches of blue, black and striped varieties. Due to the combination of water temperatures, bait fish and sea life in general, Cabo has been known for years as the best spot to catch record marlin.

Rock climbing, repelling, hiking, horseback riding, world class golfing plus exploring the area on an ATV are other active sports you can choose from.

Walking the streets and soaking up the tourism spots in town are usually called for at least once when you're there and more often if you choose to.

Hiring a boat for site seeing or yachting to see El Arco (The Arch) is the first thing to do on the tourist map. El Arco is the famous natural rock arch that you typically see advertised in photos of Cabo, which greets visitors as they enter the harbor at Cabo. Night time, you can take sunset cruises, dinner cruises and other water-borne voyages to enjoy the local area if you wish.

Try to visit a couple of other towns if you get a chance. San Jose del Cabo is a colonial town near the regional airport with its traditional streets and neighborhoods, co-existing right along side many upscale hotel and condo projects seaside. Shops, bars and restaurants plus nice little book shops, speciality stores and the town's local market are all within walking distance of the town square. San Jose del Cabo is about 30 minutes east of Cabo San Lucas. The regional airport is about 10-15 minutes north of the center of San Jose del Cabo.

The village of Todos Santos (All Saints) is about an hour by car north of Cabo, maybe worth a visit to see another small sleepy, colonial town if you have time. A couple of stops there that make it worthwhile. Allegedly, the Eagles song "Hotel California" was inspired by their visit to Todos Santos years ago. Yes, there is a hotel building there that carries the name of "Hotel California." Now owned by Debbie and John Stewart from Canada, the hotel, built in the 1920s by a Chinese immigrant, has been restored to its former beauty. Room number 5, so the story goes, is where the song was written. If you stop by for a photo and a drink, Debbie will lead you on a tour, complete with fact and fiction about the place.

Across the street from the hotel, the obligatory bar and grill has literally thousands of signatures scrawled all over its walls, silent testimony to all those visitors who believe "you can check out, but you can never really leave." Many words in the song offer clues that you may, indeed, be in the real town and at the hotel described, especially with the "mission bells ringing" and descriptions of the "hot desert highway," conditions so accurately capturing the tone of the village. There is a mission next door to the hotel so stop in for a look, since the interior is quite beautiful, too. Otherwise, hey, just go and have a beer across the street from the hotel. Up the street from the hotel are shops and a little grocery store at which to stock up. At the town square next to the mission, a famous eatery called Restaurant Santa Fe offers gourmet meals.

Further north lies La Paz, the colonial and energetic capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur (south). A visit there is best saved for a full day or even an overnight stay. Take Mexico highway # 19 from Cabo to Reach both Todos Santos and La Paz, with the highway in great shape and views of the ocean and mountains keeping you company along the way.

Best public beaches in the local Cabo area include: Playa Solmar, Playa Medano, Playa del Amor, Playa Santa Maria ande Playa Costa Azul.

Los Barriles and the east cape are the choices for windsurfing especially between December and March when wind conditions are best. For pure surf boarding, try Acapulquito Beach. For snorkeling, try Santa Maria and El Chileno beaches.

For diving, there is one coral reef nearby called Cabo Pulmo, also well known for its sports fishing for marlin.

Cabo can be a relatively expensive place to visit. Expect a beer to be US $3-$5 each and margaritas much the same or more. No real restaurant bargains in town, except maybe for lobster which seems to be the lead specialty dish served in most eateries priced less than USA prices. Most all other meals and drinks are on par with or more expensive than comparable choices in the USA. Expect to drop $20-$30 for dinner for two at night with a beer included.
Good fish dishes most places.
Most places take only cash so take a wad of money when you go. The more expensive the store or restaurant, the more likely they are to accept charge cards. Master Card and Visa are the plastic cards to take.
Club Cabo is a clean, inexpensive place to stay near town, if you can get by with just the basics.
Weather is usually great during the day year round.
  Night time winter weather can be cold in the evening, so take a jacket or wrap.
  Martin & Irene are nice hosts to deal with and run a spotless B&B.
  Air service to Cabo is plentiful and frequent from several gateways in the US and in Mexico.

  Year round weather is great so plan to go just about any time. Most big game fishing boats leave the area in the fall when an infrequent storm off the Pacific may blow in for a couple of days.

  • Wish the airport was a little closer.
• Wish Club Cabo was on the beach.
• Wish the resort was Clothing Optional all of the time

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