Haulover Beach

Haulover is one of the best nude beaches in the USA...and it's legal, too, located right in the heart of south Florida's vacation capital, Miami Beach.

  Haulover is one of the best nude beaches in the USA...and it's legal, too. Visitors hail from the USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe and the rest of the world. We've visited there many times and are still surprised to meet folks we know who are from all over.

The best part: Not only is it easy to find in north Miami Beach, it's free. Local and regional park services manage the recreational complex while a well organized staff of volunteer Beach Ambassadors from the South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) non-profit organization lend a helping hand with information booths, a friendly smile and merchandise for sale.

Today, many consider Haulover's clothing-optional beach a permanent fixture in South Florida. More than 75% of all Haulover visitors come to use the naturist beach, estimated between 5,000-10,000/day.

But look to recent history and exercise caution. Virginia Key and MacArthur Beach State Park were banned to naturist use not so long ago. Numerous traditional skinny-dipping sites in Florida and throughout the country have been closed in recent years. Several attempts have been made by the Florida Legislature to enact anti-nudity legislation in recent years. More than 50 of the 67 counties in Florida have already enacted such anti nudity legislation since 1990.

Economic clout and a well managed, consistent message to local business owners, citizens and rule makers: That's what many of the supporters of the South Florida Free Beaches organization used to convince the local, county and state authorities to establish a legal nude beach at Haulover Beach, which is only a part of the larger park complex that includes a golf course, parking lot, marina and picnic grounds. What used to be an eyesore morphed into an economic powerhouse for the local area and businesses nearby. To support the cause for maintaining nude beaches in south Florida, make a contribution at: sffb.com

In July 1991, the SFFB non-profit group self-designated the northern section of Haulover Beach Park as a naturist family beach. Since then, SFFB has fought to keep the beach clothing-optional by maintaining a presence through its Beach Ambassador Program and by numerous meetings with local government, business and civic leaders. Legal battles tested the right to nude usage at the park and Haulover remains clothes free in designated areas of the north beach. The result: Haulover is now widely recognized as one of the cleanest, safest and most popular beaches in South Florida.

The Miami-Dade County Regional Park (Haulover) is located on the Atlantic Ocean between the cities of Sunny Isles and Bal Harbour (north Miami Beach). In addition to the clothing-optional beach at the north end, it features a textile beach to the south, 9-hole golf course, tennis courts, a marina, boat launch ramp, kite store, kayak rentals and extensive picnic areas.

  South Florida is served by Miami International and Ft. Lauderdale International Airports. From either airport, Haulover is about 30-45 minutes away by car, depending upon traffic conditions.

Haulover (the Miami-Dade County Regional Park) is located between the cities of Sunny Isles and north Miami Beach. For Internet map/driving direction service, the address is: 10800 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33154 as the destination for Haulover Beach Park.

From either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, travel on Interstate 95, turn east toward the beaches and take 125th Street (Broad Causeway-50 cent toll), 163rd Street or the William Lehman Causeway (SR 856) to the Atlantic Ocean. Follow the signs to the "beaches" to reach Collins Avenue (or highway A1A), arguably the longest stretch in Florida for glitz, glamor, beach scenes, restaurants, hotels, motels, bars, bistros, eclectic neighborhoods, million dollar mansions and all types of humanity in between.

All-day parking is $5/car (subject to change without notice). The parking lots open at sunrise and close at sunset. No overnight parking is allowed. The North Parking Lot at the northern end of the park is the first choice for the clothing-optional beach. If this lot is full, go south on Collins Ave. (A1A) past the entrance to the boat ramp and the Afterdeck Restaurant to Parking Lot # 1. Park at the north end of the lot. Pedestrian tunnels lead from the North Lot and Lot #1 under the road to the beach. Read the signs to make sure you're at the clothing-optional section at the north end of the beach.

TIP: The North lot closest to the nude beach usually fills up first. If you want a parking spot there, plan to arrive before noon on the weekends or earlier, if you have the time

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  In addition to the clothing-optional beach at the north end, Haulover includes a textile beach, 9-hole golf course, tennis courts, a marina, a boat launch ramp, a kite store, and extensive picnic areas. Beach chair and umbrella rentals as well as light food and beverage service are available on the beach.

TIP: Pack in everything you'll need and plan to pack it out. There are limited facilities on site which include rest rooms, outdoor showers and life guard stations. Trash cans are nearby and the beach area is well kept by the locals and visitors alike. Don't leave your trash behind. Take it with you. Bring beach towels and a blanket, drinks, cooler, food, sun block, sunglasses, a hat and a long sleeve T shirt in case you get too much sun. You'll burn your butt quickly out there in the noon day sun so be careful.

  The Afterdeck Restaurant is the only permanent dining facility in the park and features standard American fare. South of Haulover in the Bal Harbour vicinity, you will find numerous upscale places to park your money as well as shop. Normalcy returns when you head due north of Haulover on Collins Ave. where you'll find everything you'll need for your vacation sustenance: T shirt shops, bathing suit stores (why?), grocery stores, specialty food markets, ethnic bistros, fast food stops like IHOP, McDonalds, Subway, hotels, motels drug stores, strip malls and more restaurants, bars and liquor stores. Ah, civilization.

  Reserve your hotel from the list of south Florida properties at Castaways' parent company site, Fox Travel American Express. See the American Express logo or Funjet logo to select your hotel and add on airfare if you prefer. For questions, contact Castaways Travel for hotel recommendations, airfare and car rental reservations.

No accommodations are available in the park itself and camping is not permitted. Few small motels are nearby and some of them are pretty basic. These small properties have limited services and no restaurants on site. What buildings you may see in photos of the beach to the north and south of Haulover are not hotels...they're high rise condominiums with high rise prices to match.

The beach at South Beach a few miles south of Haulover is also topless so enjoy the sand there, too.

If most of you readers rent a car, plan to drive a few minutes to Haulover and the park. Plan to enjoy the local area around the hotel where you can stay for the night, too. Haulover is a short drive about 20 minutes north of South Beach (Miami Beach) a world unto itself. Hollywood, Florida is to the north of Haulover about 20 minutes and includes a fun boardwalk with restaurants, T shirt shops, bistros, bars, moderately-priced motels to full service resort hotels. Overnight accommodations are sprinkled throughout the area. The nicest include Lowes in South Beach, Trump International near Haulover or the Westin Diplomat, all located on highway A1A, Collins Blvd.

The Newport Beachside Resort (formerly a Crown Plaza property) has more than 300 rooms and suites. The Newport is a full service hotel right on the beach about a mile north of Haulover State Park and Beach. Of the resorts and hotels nearest to Haulover, the Newport offers all of the basic amenities you would prefer in a beach setting. It's not stuffy nor is it a luxury 5 star property. Suitable for singles, couples and families. The resort is NOT nude.

The Ocean Palms Motel very near Haulover has been sold and morphed into a condo development.

Roof Top Beach Hotel on A1A (1215 North Ocean Drive in Hollywood, FL) promotes its clothing optional roof top heated pool, tiki bar and "party" atmosphere with about 35 rooms and no restaurant. This old hotel attracts its own cast of characters; guests are both nudists and "players." A friendly atmosphere to be sure, plus weekend adult parties are legend around the pool on the roof top. The drive time between Haulover (nude) Beach and Roof Top is about 15-20 minutes along A1A depending upon traffic. Ft. Lauderdale Airport is only about 15-20 minutes north of the hotel, too. Rooms have been renovated but it's still an old structure so don't go there expecting the Ritz.

Hollywood Beach boardwalk facing the Atlantic is a block east of the Rooftop Hotel ....the beach is NOT nude. On the boardwalk and nearby on Ocean Drive are a variety of great places to dine and shop, all within walking distance from the hotel. It's not South Beach but it's down home and friendly for locals and tourists alike.

  From babies to seniors with most folks in their late 20s to early 60s.

Singles: You will find other singles on the beach, sometimes quite a few.

Check in with the Beach Ambassadors when you arrive to say hello and find out more about beach activities.

  Haulover is a United Nude Nation. You will see just about everyone from all over the world there and hear just about any language. Haulover is truly a melting pot and everyone seems to get along just fine. With the Beach Ambassadors there to answer questions and get you started, you'll feel like you've got ready made friends.

The irony about Haulover. Total beach length is about two miles. Only about a 1/4 mile of the beach is nude on the north side and is packed.

What's the textile beach like? Deserted. Go figure.

  Well, just look around.

Actually, you ladies will find it easy to park your credit cards at the Bal Harbour shops just south of Haulover. Guys, choose from deep sea fishing, golfing, running, cycling, in line skating, attending professional sports like basketball, baseball and football, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, touring the area or taking a cruise from either the ports of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

Each hotel lobby contains a rack of tourism brochures, information and maps about what to do, where to go what to see if Haulover is not your only stop.

Surely, you will find something to do.

Decent hotel and motel selections within walking distance are limited
If you can't afford a Caribbean vacation, at least get to Miami Beach and choose Haulover as your nude destination
Only about a quarter of Haulover beach is devoted to nude use while the textile side is virtually deserted in comparison
The Beach Ambassadors are a terrific group of volunteers, so buy a Haulover T shirt from one of their stands....it's non-profit and the proceeds go to help support the South Florida Free Beaches organization of volunteers.
Help keep Haulover nude: contribute to the South Florida Free Beaches organization at: sffb.com

  Anytime is a great time to visit south Florida, although occasionally the area experiences a few cool days during January and February.

  Wish they would swap the beach designations: Make the nude beach 3/4 of the beach park area and 1/4 for textile, clothed use.

Wish there were better motels and hotels within walking distance of Haulover.

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