Hawaii---One of the most beautiful states in the nation. We've visited several times and each time we marvel at the magnificence of the islands and the friendliness of the people. For several years, Hawaii has not been a tourism leader as in years past. But, the benefit is we've noticed it's not as crowded as it used to be.

  What will be described here is a clothing-optional Bed & Breakfast visit, typical of several such properties on Maui, Hawaii the big island and Kauai. Oahu is not the island to visit for c/o B & Bs. There are about 7-8 such resorts throughout the three islands to choose from. The Maui B & B visit described below is called the House of the Devine.

NOTE: The resort is clothing-optional in the outside areas only including pool, hot tub, grounds and private plunge pools down the mountain. Guests are asked to be dressed while visiting the kitchen, living rooms, the office and for yoga classes. Swimming, sunbathing, hot tubbing and the outside grounds are clothing free for those who choose to.

The B&B on Maui, the Valley Isle, has 12 private bedrooms in three separate buildings. Each accommodation has its own private bedroom, dressing and living area plus private bathroom. Some rooms include a full private bath with shower. Buildings range in size from three stories to one bungalow cabana. There are two single-stall showers in the larger building and are located almost outside, a real treat to wash you hair and bathe in the open air. Although each shower is private, the ceiling is open air. There is also a shower adjacent to the hot tub in front of the resort, overlooking a spectacular cliff and valley nearly 200 feet below, with a beautiful stream leading to the Pacific.

Meeting and visiting with the other B & B guests at breakfast is the best way to start off the day. Enjoying fresh pineapple, fruits, cereals, hot Kona coffee and breads charge your batteries. The manager and employees are attentively helpful but not obtrusive. Wendy, the office manager, really helped us map out some of the best adventures to see the island. Madhava, the general manager, is a wealth of knowledge for finding out of the way waterfalls, springs and isolated pools as well as pointing out the best snorkeling spots.

Another B&B which has opened in the town of Kihie is called Dreams Come True owned by Tom and Denise. Dreams Come True includes two guests rooms as part of the Bed & Breakfast plus a separate vacation cottage rental, all of which are located on the sunny south side of Maui, Hawaii. The cottage includes a fully equipped kitchen, large living room, air conditioned bedroom, washer/dryer, wraparound deck and carport

The property sits on the lower slopes of Mt. Haleakala, just above the luxury resorts of Wialea. In about 5 minutes you can be swimming, sunning or snorkeling on the finest beaches in the world. The nice part about being located in Kihei is that Makena State Park is a few minutes away, which includes Little Beach, a close-by nude beach, with lots of space for car parking.

A relative newcomer on the Big Island of Hawaii, Hangin' Loose owned by is located in the Puna district on the eastern side of the island. You fly into Hilo as the closest airport. Michael& Jan, the owners, maintain a cozy little getaway featuring three bungalows, including a honeymoon hale yurt and two conventional cottages. All three are built separately. Michael and Jan can also show you where the famous black sand beaches are on the east side of Hawaii, some of which are suitable for nude use...but you gotta know where. A big plus for the location is that you're close to the Hawaii Volcano Park, not to be missed. If you can't fly to the moon, visit the volcano park to get a feel of how beautiful and completely different the barren landscape can be....and walk on lava shortly after it's cooled off. Wear thick soled shoes that won't melt in case you step on a warm spot.

  The Bed & Breakfast resorts throughout the Hawaiian islands are not on the beaches as you would expect. Most are near the beach, however. On the road to Hana, this Maui B&B is about 30 minutes east of the main town and airport of Kahului. The B&B is essentially located down a country road beyond the funky town of Paia, coincidentally at the end of the "Maui downhill," the most spectacular downhill bicycle ride in the world from the top of Haleakula Crater, 10,000 feet above sea level.

Most major airlines service Maui directly from the mainland U.S. as well as from many international locations. Honolulu and the other islands are about 30 minutes away by frequent air service. Once you land at Kahului, the easiest, most economical way to reach the B&B and tour the island is by rental car. Inexpensive weekly car rental rates gives you the freedom to explore the whole island if you want. From the Kahului airport to the B&B is about 30 minutes and you pass Ho'okipa Beach Park on the way, site of world class wind surfing competitions.

If you plan on spending time primarily on the west side of the island, HINT: Fly into the west Maui airport at Kapalua from Honolulu or elsewhere. The airport is very convenient to the tourism centers on the west side. Lots of activities, restaurants, clubs, hotels, golf and sight seeing are in this section of Maui.

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  Bed, bath, breakfast is what you pay for. What you get is a breathtaking location, including the perfectly located hot tub overlooking the green valley and cliffs below leading to the Pacific. Spectacular sunrises greet you in the morning with coffee in the hot tub while at sunset, the Jacuzzi is a prefect way to greet the evening with your honey on one arm and a glass of bubbly in your other hand. There are several opportunities for health sessions, yoga and massages if you wish . A washer and dryer is on site for your convenience...take your own soap and softener.

The grounds surrounding the B&B are beautiful and there is also a great swimming pool just outside the dining room/kitchen area. Further down the face of the steep hill in front of the resort is a hiking trail leading to a series of swimming and wading pools right at the edge of the cliff and waterfall and just above the green valley leading to the Pacific.

  Two words of wisdom: Plan Ahead. Although you will have all the comforts of home, you will need to buy provisions before arriving at the B&B, and at most others in the islands, too. You get breakfast....everything else is your responsibility. There are no stores close by, Haiku being the closest village, and Paia is 30 minutes away, where the general store on the main road is worth a visit. There are plenty of pots, pans, plates and utensils to cook and eat with on your own at the B&B and several refrigerators on site plus lots of cabinet space. Clean up after yourself, too. There are also a health food store and several restaurants, bars and the inevitable boutiques in Paia. And, gas stations....so fill up...gasoline stops are few and far between from Kahului to Hana. Several restaurants are in the area at Ha'iku, Makawao, the general store at Hali'imaile and in Paia and all of them require a car to reach. These tony little "quaint" restaurants are downright expensive, so expect mainland prices or more.

Smoking is not permitted except is designated areas outside and heavy drinking and loud music is not the norm. Confine sexual activity to the room. While there is no TV, we had a portable radio/CD with us which was just fine (and with a little wine outside on the balcony, life was just great). Take along something like that so you can really enjoy the sunsets in the hot tub.

  Most B&Bs' rates vary between $75-$150/night and include bedroom with private bathroom, breakfast, taxes and tips. Some showers are shared. Typically, a night's prepaid deposit is due to confirm your booking and final payment is due when you visit the resorts. Cancellation penalties apply.

  Adults only, singles and couples of all ages.

  The guests and management really practice the golden rule so the vibes are really nice, laid back and mellow.....it can be quiet, so be prepared for it. Our opinion is that the B&B is a great place to veg out, relax and enjoy being there with your honey (while sexual activity is just for your room , not in public). The other benefit is that it's a great place to base your tourism and site seeing activities.

The grounds include hammocks, quiet sitting areas, a series of beautiful Oriental pools and gardens plus several of the rooms have balconies, with great views.

Smoking is not permitted except is designated areas outside and heavy drinking and loud music is not the norm. Confine sexual activity to the room. While there is no TV, we had a portable radio/CD with us which was just fine (and with a little wine outside on the balcony, life was just great). Take along something like that so you can really enjoy the sunsets in the hot tub.

There's a real peacefulness that pervades the place and with your honey, it's very romantic. If you enjoy wine or champagne, the hot tub is the prefect place for you and your honey to partake. Other country homes, flower farms and small ranches are nearby so you'll get a chance to rub some horses' ears on your walks around the area.

TIPS Try to fill your gas tank when you think about it and make sure you buy whatever food and drinks you will need before you arrive. One of the best all round stores on Maui for anything, including tourist trinkets and Hawaiian coffee, is the big K Mart near the airport at Kahului. The Paia General Store and the Paia health food market are good places for supplies nearby the B&B. You will need instructions and a map which we can supply you with before you head for the B&B from the Kahului airport. Hawaii is on the same latitude as Cancun so expect some rain anytime and anywhere on Maui or in the islands.

  In summary, the east side of the Maui is more natural and scenic whereas the island's west side is loaded with tourism infrastructure, hotels, golf courses, restaurants, shops and sight seeing.

For clothing-optional sunbathing and swimming at beaches, be prepared to travel to get there. Makena State Park just about 2 miles south of the Maui Prince Hotel in Wailea, on the southeast side of the island, is the most popular spot. Big beach and Little beach make up most of the park, with good parking and facilities. Be ready for a walk and a short climb from the parking lot to get to Little Beach, the local clothing-optional public beach. NOTE Although nudity is technically no tpermitted in Hawaii, check with the locals to determine if the gendarmes have been checking anyone on the beaches. During our visits, a few folks were seen sampling the local "weed," so we suspect the law may be more interested in illegal drugs than nudity. We did not see any "authorities" in evidence during our visits, other than a few very nice volunteers who help visitors at the beach parking lot.

Other places to enjoy clothing-optional sunbathing are near Hana at the Blue Pool near the local airport, Red Sand Beach right in Hana town, and the Oheo park with its Seven Pools about 45 minutes south of town toward Kipahulu. NOTE: Oeho is a Federal Park and Park rangers may patrol the area, where a $250 citation for illegal nudity has been issued, according to Wendy, the B&B's office manager, who used to work at the park. In all cases, a little common sense goes a long way. All of them require some hiking, climbing and directions, so take food and water.

There are many, many active and adventure vacation opportunities on the island including the Maui Downhill bike ride (at 3 AM for the sunrise run or at 7 AM for breakfast). Or, there's fishing, diving, snorkeling, fantastic beaches, board surfing and body surfing, hiking, running, sky diving and more. You can find just about anything active to do on the island.

Of course, the road to Hana is beautiful but there are some 600+ curves and numerous bridges on the way so if you get car sick, take a plane if you have to see Hana. "It's not the destination, it's the journey to get there" is the reason to go to Hana. Other than Hana Ranch Restaurant and the Hana General Store, there's not too much else to see locally. Red Sand Beach is right down town.

To do the tourist thing, the western side of Maui is where most of the tourism infrastructure is located. Lots of golfing, restaurants, hotels, condos, fishing and shops stretch from Kapalua and Ka'anapali to the north down to Wailea to the south. The tourist towns of Lahaina and Kihei seem to anchor the tourism industry on the west side of the island. So, if you want plenty of T shirt shops, boutiques and baubles, pick any spot in between Kapalua and Makena and go for it.

Most B&Bs by definition are basic and spartan so be prepared for amenities similar to what you might find in a home.
Restaurants and entertainment can be several miles away from most B&Bs in HAwaii so don't plan on visiting the resorts for night life on site 'cause it ain't there!
Advise you rent a car to get around....you will need one.
Scenery on the Valley Isle is beautiful. The road to Hana is the reason to go.
  There are several secluded, private pools and streams to enjoy au naturel near the B&B toward Hana but you'll need a map and instructions on how to get there. Some are on private property so check with the folks at the B & B for the best ones.
  Plan on rain any time and anywhere...you're in the tropics so be prepared for it.

  Just about any time is great, but expect rain anytime, anywhere.

  It's hard to improve on paradise.

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