Here are some trip reports submitted by our clients.

April 2009 - Capt65
We did not stay at the resort, we were here for the day off of the Carnival Freedom. We did however get to see the resort while walking through it on the way to and from the 'nude' beach. From what we saw, it was well kept and clean. It seemed to be a bit on the quiet side....way to quiet for us. However, we rate the nude beach a 8,(-1 point for 'NO' bathrooms that are close, and -1 point for nothing to drink.) The sand was perfect, and so was the security. We went with another couple that had never been to a nude beach before, this beach made them feel at ease about being naked in public for the first time. Even though we did not stay at the resort, we would like to add this report of the beach and hope you enjoy our photos taken here.

December 2005 - J & S
Almost every couple was from Great Britain. We were treated the very nicely by all workers and by the Brits. We were very pleased. There were only two other American couples at the resort, and we were all treated nicely and made to feel very welcome. The management even permitted me to use their own private computer in the manager's office to email my children back home on two different occasions during the week. We were given the exact accomodations that we paid for and we were more than pleased. We've been all over the Caribbean to resorts that have au naturel facilities, and we think that this resort far outpassed the rest, even the Grand Lidos in Jamaica. The alcohol was not as good as some other resorts, but we don't travel for alcohol, we travel for peaceful au naturel facilities, and this one was the best. One drawback were the sand fleas. They bit up my wife but I did not receive one bite. Take plenty of insect spray. They spray at the resort but not down on the clothing optional beach. There are plenty of areas to get out of the sun on the clothing optional beach. The sand fleas do most of their damage after a rain. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us

December 2005 - Big J.
My wife and I made our first trip to Hawksbill and will not be our last. We had a terrific time. Transfers from the airport to our resort went very well and also very quickly. It took about thirty minutes and the roads were fine, not as we had seen in other trip reports.Check in at the resort also went well. We were given cold towels and champagne and were swiftly taken to our room, the room that we had paid for. The room was very nicely done, with king bed, safe, bathroom with a large shower and plenty of closetr space, and very clean. The food and service at the resort were very good. We were one of only three couple from America at the resort, but everyone treated us like we belonged. We used the clothing optional beach every day of our wees vacation. It was fantastic. There were a few locals there each day, but no one bothered. No GAWKERS. This beach has many areas of privacy. We are planning another visit to this same resort in May, 2006.

Mike - May 2005
Hawksbill Resort is very beautiful. Much more so than the pictures on the internet. We originally got a Beach Club room #110 on the Royal Palm beach. It was nice but had lots of traffic. We requested another Beach Club room #138 and got it. This room had a gorgeous view of Honeymoon Beach and the Hawksbill rock. The sun set right out our door every night. However the afternoon sun made it difficult to sit out from about 2 PM on. We still liked it better than #110. Eden bBeach was great with only 5 couples on a mile long stretch. there are some palapa and lounge chairs on the beach. You only need to bring drinks in a coloer. There is no "gawky" traffic. Very peaceful for strolling or just reading a book. We loved it very much. The food was O.K. The beef was a little tough and the crab meat awful. The chicken, fish and hamburgers were fine. An omlet with everything on it for breakfast was great along with tamarind juice. We had lobster the last night and it was very good. The night life is not raucious but pleasant with dancing to mellow tunes.

The fourth beach or Eden Beach is the clothing optional beach. We were there in May or the start of the off season. There were about five couples on the beach every day. The beach is possible a mile long, so it was not crowded. There are lounge chairs and palapas along the beach. No refreshment stands so a collapsible cooler with refreshments is necessary because it gets hot.The begining of the beach has an excellent view of the Hawksbill rock. There is a security gazego half way down the beach which is manned. Looking down the beach one can see Montserat Island. There is also a blow hole and sea cave at the far end to explore. At the start of the beach there is a sea arch that is about 10 feet lin length. Waves splach under it. The whole beach is very picturesque

Make sure to check out over 60 GREAT Hawksbill Beach Resort photos supplied to us by Mike.

Dan - November 2004
My wife and I traveled to Antigua in November, 2004 and stayed for two weeks at Hawksbill Resort. We chose to go with the all-inclusive option. In a word, it was wonderful.

The accommodations were as expected since we got the least expensive Garden room. We did not get AC, and it was fine without it since there were two ceiling fans. The temperatures during the day and at night were not a problem. However, the frogs were LOUD! I tried several evenings to find the little critter and relocate him, but to no avail. If you expect to live in the lap of luxury, go for A/C and a better room. But we were there for the weather, water and beaches… and at $192.50 per night for the two of us it was hard to beat.

There are four beaches on the property. While we were there a tropical depression came in from the West, very unusual, and kicked up the seas for a couple of days. One night sand washed up on the deck in the area of the pool. They said that was the first time it had done that since a 1995 hurricane. The north beach was calm most days as would be expected of a West-facing beach. The beach near the pool was swimable most of the time and was beautiful from the deck of the upper bar. The best beach was the Southern most, about a 3-5 minute walk from the resort… but still on resort property.

This southern beach is Eden beach, and as the name might imply, a clothing optional beach. There were mostly couples on the beach. There are Tiki huts and palm trees for shade. There are also good beach lounge chairs. A few people will walk the beach in bathing suits, but most will be in some state of undress. As the name states, clothing optional. You will not feel uncomfortable either way. The only downer is that it is about a five-minute walk (one way) if you want to get a drink from the bar. The beach is about 1/3 to ½ mile long. A rock cliff blocks the southern end so the beach is accessible only from the resort. We circumnavigated the island in a catamaran and felt this was one of the best beaches we saw on the entire island.

The food and drink was "free" since we purchased the all-inclusive option. It was not five-star but it was very good. There are a lot of English and Brits there and they were all wonderful. We also met a couple from Prince Edwards Island and developed enough of a friendship that we plan to visit PEI this summer. We discovered the "Brits" eat a little differently that we are used to in the US. Baked beans were served most breakfasts, and cheese and crackers were always an option for dessert. This was unusual for us, but apparently common for them. Again, everyone we met was great. Ladies bring a couple of dresses and men plan on some long pants and polo or sleeved shirts for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are informal (bathing suits OK).

The staff were very friendly and helpful. They seemed to appreciate that we were there and contributing to their economy. Keep in mind you drive on the left side of the road if you decide to tour the island on you own. There are sheep and goats everywhere… watch for them as you drive. However, Hawksbill has several taxi drivers assigned to them and they do a great job. It was less expensive to use them to tour, plus you get the history and are taken to good sites with them. Most important, they know where they are going. The road maps given to you by the rental agencies do not have all the roads on them. Hawksbill's road (from a village you go through) does not even show on the map!

I can discuss in more detail if you want…. contact me (Dan) at

Great time enjoyed a beautiful honeymoon there. Very natural and classy. Hope you enjoy the photos sent electronically.

September 2001 - Mathews
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Hawksbill Beach Resort Resort Report