What fun! We've taken many cruises, both conventional as well as clothing-optional/adult sailings, and can say we've had more fun and belly laughs on the nude cruises than any others we've experienced.

Resort Overview
  Tall ship sailing vessels range in size from 200 to almost 400 feet in length with all the comforts of larger cruise ships. Generally, cabins are smaller and the common areas are not as spacious as the huge cruise vessels, but are just as much fun. Crew size is usually 50% of the passenger load.

Custom charted nude sailings on smaller yachts can depart from just about anywhere in the world, too. Private yacht charters typically accommodate 2-4 or more couples. If you want to sail with a small group of your friends, this is the way to go. Yacht charters usually include single hull sailing vessels or catamarans with two or three hulls (both are sailing vessels), plus power boat yachts are used. You can choose from "bare boat" (meaning no crew) charters where one or more of the guests is an experienced sailor to a "crewed" yacht complete with a captain and mate plus additional crew members if the ship is larger. For most small vessel nude yachts, the captain and mate are often a husband and wife team who are nude friendly or nudists themselves. Yacht sizes can vary from 45 to 70+ feet in length.

We've been on all three types of cruises and enjoyed them all. CASTAWAYS TRAVEL can assist you in selecting the right charter for you so give us call to help you select the experience for you.

For purposes of this report, tall ship adventures will be described. For details about a private yacht charter, please send us an E mail with your requirements.

Getting There
  The cruise itineraries focus on fun voyages and don't cover great distances. In fact, most of the island destinations in the Caribbean or eastern Mediterranean can be seen from one to the other. Usually, you sail part of the day, stop for water sports, nude beaches and lunch somewhere in the afternoon and for evening, put into an island port for shopping, nightly, dining and dancing. Of course, sometimes you sail at night, too, depending upon the itinerary. You may also spend the night at some stops to enjoy the local flavor at the port of call.

Sailings in the lower Caribbean start from St. Georges, Grenada and extend to Bequia, Mayreau, Palm Island, Cook Island, the Grenadines and other local stops. Itineraries are subject to change.

Eastern Caribbean voyages start from St. Johns, Antigua and may include St. Kitts, Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica or Barbuda and St. Eustatius. Itineraries are subject to change.

St. Thomas departures usually include the USVI , the British Virgin Islands(BVI) and St. Martin. Itineraries may vary.

Star Clipper vessels usually make stops in the western Mediterranean that include Cannes, Monte Carlo, Sardinia, Corsica, Mallorca, Portofino plus other Italian, Spanish and French ports in the area. Mediterranean itineraries may also feature a week's sailing the Greek islands, too.

Ports of call may differ due to weather, winds and whims.

Grenada, Antigua, St. Thomas and the BVI can be reached daily from the mainland USA or from San Juan by flights on British West Indies Airlines, American Airlines and other carriers. Typical flights cost $500-$900/person, round trip, and price can vary seasonally.

Airline costs to Europe during the summer range from $700-$1,000/person, depending again on the carrier and ships first port of call.

The first day, the cruise departs typically at night after the last passenger is on board and, at the end of the voyage, the ships typically dock early enough for the first passenger to connect with their outbound flight home. A nice feature of tall ship charters is itineraries can usually be modified to suit the needs of the passengers.

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  Most clothing-optional cruises and charters are all inclusive with your cabin, all meals and snacks, taxes, port charges and crew tips included in one price. Depending upon the cruise, bar drinks may be charged separately. Some cruises include bar drinks. Water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving and wind surfing are available, too.

Cabins are usually fairly small in the tall ships except for the suites or Captain's cabins. You don't spend much time there because there's usually lots to do and see on deck on in port. Cabins have double or twin beds and the smallest cabin may contain bunk beds but all of them have a private bathroom and are air conditioned.

You can choose to help crew the ship by pulling lines, stowing sails, running the ropes or just getting in the way. Light entertainment is provided by the crew and sometimes by the passengers themselves but don't sign on these cruises for gambling, Broadway floor shows or discos 'til dawn. Such ships are not set up to include large venues for entertainment. Some ships have TV and telephones in each cabin.

You can go nude just about all the time except while in port or at some sit down meals (where hot coffee may be served).

  Meals are family style, plentiful and entertaining. All inclusive charters also include beer, wine and bar drinks. Usually meals for breakfast and lunch are served buffet style while evening meals are typically al a carte served by your waiter. Open seating makes for great opportunities to meet your other cruisers. We found the evening meals on the Star Clipper, for example, to be top notch in every way and every bit as good as the best large cruise lines we've sailed on.

On custom yacht charters, you can choose your itinerary, meals and wine/drinks in advance, which is a nice touch to make sure you get what you want or if you have a special dietary need. Private yacht charters are priced about the same per person as tall ship cruises.

  A one week cruise rate ranges from about $1,500-2,000/person plus airfare, taxes and tips. Custom yacht charters can average similar prices but can be more expensive if you choose a luxury yacht. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Nude Cruise Group Trips
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Age Ranges
  Guest ages vary from the mid 20s to over 60, with most averaging in between. Couples comprise most of the guests.

  Laid back, friendly, a riot of laughs and definitely not your stuffed shirt type of cruise---in fact, about as far the other way from Seaborne and the Queen Mary as you can get. Sailing is a terrific way to enjoy nudity in a really relaxed environment, but you can absolutely FRY in the sun. There's plenty of shade on board the boats and ships so stay under it if you burn easily.!

On most voyages, the ships are re-positioned in areas to avoid heavy seas, storm seasons or hurricanes. That's the reason the some vessels are moved during the year to take advantage of the best sailing weather. The ships can rock and roll if seas are rough, which rarely occurs. If you have a sensitive stomach, stick with the big, conventional nude cruises on ships that carry 1,000 passengers or more which use stabilizers. Otherwise, consult your doctor for medication.


Make sure you take plenty of sun screen since you will get sun directly as well as indirectly from reflections off the sea, too.

Take medication or patches with you if you are subject to motion sickness. Most cruises experience mild seas but it's wise to be prepared.

Pack lightly since storage space may be somewhat limited.

Take a towel to sit on at all times.

Take lots of small bills since your currency will be in demand when you shop with the locals.

Make your own deals with taxi drivers for a custom-designed shore excursion.

  You name it, you can see it above or below just about any of the islands. Most of the anchorages are at small ports, great opportunities to see and visit out of the way villages and towns. Most times, your nude itinerary will be custom-designed to take you to the best nude beaches and great ports of call. The big benefit to the tall ships is that their smaller size permits then to make ports of call where the larger vessels are not able to navigate. You'll see small towns and great little villages plus spectacular beaches to explore while on nude charters.

Remember a tip, if a shore excursion price seems way too high and lacks guided tours (just "drive by" tours), get a couple of couples together and hire a local taxi and driver for your own, custom-designed excursion.....usually lots more fun, less expensive and twice as rewarding, especially if you get a good, knowledgeable drive.

You can assist the crew if you want tohelp with the sails on some of the charters. The larger sailing vessels have powered sails that can raised and lowered automatically.
Passengers and crew make the voyage.
You can get REALLY burned on the water all day, so be careful.
  Cabins can be small so pack lightly.
  Tall ships have limited entertainment, no gambling or casinos on board and common areas are much smaller than on conventional cruise ships. If you want a big ship experience, sail on a big ship charter. Small yacht (powered and sail) charters afford you complete freedom to vary your itinerary and set sail to locations you really want to see.

Best Time to Go
  When the charter is scheduled! The weather is usually great since the charters are scheduled for the best weather including spring, summer and fall voyages.

Wish List
  Reduce the airfare to make the cruises a more affordable.

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